The Psychology of Typography in Content Marketing

When it comes to choosing the right Typography, then Content marketers are always one step ahead of others because of their ability to experiment with Fonts and colors. To generate leads and manage the sales conversion, it is crucial for them to always come up with the right font that grabs the user's attention.

Being a content marketer, you might think you are familiar with Typography's rules, or you better know which font to fit where but is it so? The Perception, a reader, generates about your writing skills or writing presentation depends on the fonts you have selected and how you have presented those fonts.

A proper Typography involves perfect font selection, the pairing of fonts, line spacing, number of fonts per line, etc. Typography is often termed as an 'Art' because you can tremendously present your content in front of the public only with the right selection.

Each font excites specific emotions, and that emotion reflects when you have got your hands on the right font at the right place. Once you know which font summons what feeling, it will be easy for you to make a selection. Want to know about it? Let's begin the guide and discuss in detail on the Psychology of Typography in Content Marketing.

The Teachings of Valid Typography

The question emerges why Typography plays an essential role in content marketing and why it should not be taken for granted. Let's go in-depth and discuss those elements that affect due to bad typography and how to avoid them.

1- It Affects Readability

Readability is the main factor in content. If the content you have written for the readers is hard to read and understand, you are failed as a content marketer. Content marketing is all about sharing your valuable content via blogs, articles, etc., on different social media platforms, but what if people are unable to acknowledge what you want to say?

Readability issue occurs because of not using proper fonts. To make your blog readable, one should know which font goes best with which niche and how the pairing of multiple fonts should be done. Once you start taking care of little details, it will be easy for you to make the right selection.

2- Pairing of Fonts

A good content writer knows how to do an appropriate pairing of fonts without making the content look odd. Those who use only 1 font for the entire content do wrong because using 2 or maximum 3 fonts for a single content looks appealing to the eyes. You can use any kind of font with American typewriter font that is a slab serif typeface originated in 1974 and since then has been acknowledged worldwide. If you are using this font in your writing, make sure to pick the other fonts from the same category, or I would suggest you go with aleo font. Both will make a good pairing.

3- Maintain the Consistency

Consistency and selection of fonts/branding go hand in hand. To maintain the consistency of the blog, you have to be careful with your Fonts selection. The consistency keeps the users engaged with your content, and they understand what you want to convey through your content.

Consistency involves all those factors that result in understandability and readability, including proper pairing, proper texture, color combination, words per line, line spacing, and a few others. When a user doesn't get distracted while reading your content, it shows you have maintained the consistency, and the reader loves your content. It is essential not only for content, it likely keeps an indispensable role in the branding.

4- Images in Your Content

The font selection is not bound to the text as it equally plays an essential role in the image that you chose to upload in your content. It's a saying that pictures speak louder than words, and 94% of the content that contains images expands the view rate.

The content without images doesn't attract the readers because the half percent of the brain is devoted to visual processing, so a human mind gets attracted when the content carries images.

However, it is not about placing the images; it is about putting the right images with a clear description, which is possible if you use that image with the inscription written in a clear or an appropriate font. Hence, font plays an equally essential role in images apart from texts.

5- The Color in your Content

Not only fonts, in fact, colors also play an essential role in the psychology of your written content. It might be surprising for a few, but every color evokes a specific emotion, and once you know what a particular color brings to the table, it will be easy for you to choose on which side you should go.

For example, Blue Color develops a sense of trust, peace, and calmness while on the other hand, Orange color is used if you have something creative to present. Similarly, Pink color brings the emotions of love and romance, and purple color shows your imaginations.

According to your niche, you can select the color that will surely positively impact the user's mind. These are the little details that make a big difference in the end so never take them for granted.


Hopefully, now you have understood which factors make a big difference in content marketing and which things to avoid. Content writing is not an easy task as you have to take care of a lot of things to be one step ahead of your competitors.

From choosing the right fonts and selecting the color scheme, everything should be on point so that your reader doesn't think for a second to switch to another site. I have made sure to define everything for everyone's better understanding.

By acknowledging a bit of psychology regarding content will make it easy for you to share your ideas with the world. I hope this detailed guide on content marketing will help you in the future. Do apply the above-mentioned rules and avoid making the mistakes that will have bad impact on the users.